After three weeks of struggling through the southern grasslands, you finally reach what appears as if it could be civilization. A large wooden gate stands in front of you, around 8 feet tall, and in the fading sunset, looks warm and welcoming. You hope there is an inn or something beyond the gate, for you are weary, and another night sleeping rough in the grass does not appeal to you. A tall, handsome young lad, probably in his middle to late teens, welcomes you at the gate. "Hello," he says. "We don't often get strangers coming here. Where are you from?" You desperately try to come up with a good answer, as your hamlet is not very well known. Eventually, you answer "The Southland." "Welcome to the Mmmzone," he says, "If you've never been here, I expect you'll be wanting a map. Here," he hands you a scrap of paper which is scorched and ripped at the edges. You look at him with a puzzled expression on your face, as if to ask what happened to it. "Dragons" he replies with a mischevious grin and starts off down the dust track to the South. Looks like there is nothing left to do but pass through the gate.



Sally Ford: serena7000@yahoo.com

Jodie Culpin: mlakin@clara.net

You may not like this new look. You may like it a lot. Whatever you think, please email me, Sally with all comments, as it's all my fault. I think I'm turning into a bit of a fantasy freak, because this is sort of a mix between Legend of Zelda 3 and 4, the Sword of Shannara and the Discworld series. I don't really mind if you don't like it a lot, but it WAS time for a change, as we'd been "minty" for far too long. Please, don't go insulting me about it, just tell me calmly that you don't like it. If you do like it, email me and tell me anyway, I need a bit of an ego boost :)